Jan 07, 2017

Writing in the workplace

Whether responding to emails, chatting on Slack, creating formal presentations or filling out peer reviews, clear and concise writing is critical for getting your point across.

During this 30-minute webinar, you will learn ways to accurately, efficiently and professionally express yourself through writing.

Learn how to:

  • Write in a clear manner using appropriate style, formality & structure.
  • Own your work with articulate, confident, and unambiguous language.
  • Increase influence by sharing ideas, project plans & work results through   effective writing.

About Lauren

Lauren Maslen is an award-winning journalist, English coach, published author, photographer, and poet. Over 10 years of experience and training around the world have afforded her experiences ranging from teaching in the jungles of Thailand to reporting on wildfires in Alaska. She has worked with all kinds of learners, including kindergarteners in South Korea, university students in Colorado, and employees of multinational corporations around the globe. As a journalist, she has written about music, politics, health, education and the environment for magazines, radio, and the web. She has three degrees from the University of Colorado, including a Master of Arts in Journalism.


– Lauren Maslen, Lingo Live Coach

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