Mar 05, 2019

3 talent development trends that are transforming leadership today

Companies are increasingly focused on creating a positive, inclusive culture in the workplace. Whether it’s a sustain focus on diversity in hiring practices, catered lunch-and-learns, or trying to live up to lofty value statements, employees expect organizations to be both successful and empathetic.

But culture and values are more than just pithy maxims you hang in the breakroom. Companies need to show–not just tell–their employees that they care. And while a lot of a positive company culture comes from hiring the right people for the right roles, organizations are discovering that their workforce expects more. They don’t just want to work; they want to learn and grow. In other words, perks like free lunches are all well and good. But cultivating great leaders goes a lot further in retaining top talent and bringing the best ideas out of your best and brightest. The question is how exactly do you achieve that?

Our Co-Founder Mike Giordani was joined last week by Thomas Igeme, COO at, to talk about just this issue. They discussed three big ways to cultivate great leaders in your organization and what this means for creating great leaders at your organization. Mike and Thomas touched on:

1- How the rise of AI will allow us to enable personalized learning and map ROI to learning and development programs

2- What millennials actually want for their careers and what’s truly important to them

3- And why just-in-time learning trumps traditional one-size-fits-all approaches

If you missed the webinar, you’re in luck! Just head here to watch the free replay. You’ll learn about why personalization matters, why micro-investments can give you far better returns than day-long retreats ever could, and how focusing on development can help you keep your most ambitious colleagues happy and motivated.

Finally, we’d like to send a big thanks to Thomas at for taking some time out of his day to share his extensive expertise in the leadership and team science space. He was a perfect guest and we hope you enjoy the webinar.

Learn More: Find out what L&D Trends are here to stay and download the Learning & Development Report.


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