Aug 07, 2017

Celebrating company culture at 2017 Culture Summit

Building a great company culture isn’t easy for today’s multinational tech companies. The combination of different cultural backgrounds and even native languages can cause gaps in communication between team-mates, which can ultimately hinder innovation.

Lingo Live helps companies to bridge that gap. The one-on-one communication coaching we provide to employees at multinational companies enables better self expression, increased team involvement, and higher levels of employee engagement. All of this results in a more inclusive, healthy corporate culture.

The desire to build good company culture is in Lingo Live’s DNA. “Culture doesn’t happen by accident,” says Lingo Live co-founder, Mike Giordani. “You have to be deliberate about the company you want to be. Scaling culture requires knowing your principles and communicating them every step of the way. You have to be intentional, and that starts with the behavior you model for your team members. Engagement is all about nurturing your managers–treating them right so they do the same with their teams. It starts by empowering them to create a feedback-driven environment where people feel comfortable expressing their full views and reaching their potential. Ultimately, it’s about building community and you can’t have community without communication.”

No matter how strong and inclusive, a company culture is never static. It must continue to grow and adjust to the changing needs of today’s employee. Executives in human resources, learning and development and diversity and inclusion are talking about this, and Lingo Live is proud to be part of that conversation.

This month, Lingo Live will keep the conversation going as a gold sponsor at Culture Summit in San Francisco, Aug 16-17th. Culture Summit will bring together some of the leaders in company culture with executives looking for solutions to their own culture challenges. We will be on hand to talk about ways we are currently helping some of the largest tech companies on the west coast to create healthy company cultures.

If you’re attending Culture Summit this month, please visit us at booth #3. You can book an appointment with our team-member Adam.

And if you’re not able to make it, please take a look at our offering to see how we can help with your company’s communication challenges. 


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