Case Study

A communication solution for strong international growth

Discover how we helped Eventbrite build a bridge to their new international team to facilitate better relationships, collaboration and innovation.

Eventbrite Case Study

The Company

Eventbrite is a ticketing platform that allows anyone to create tickets for an event that they’re holding. The company wanted to democratize what it means to create an event, and bring people together. When they acquired a company in Argentina called Eventios, they wanted to empower team members in both the U.S. and Argentina to connect with each other in the other’s native language.

The Challenge

They wanted to build trust with their new international team and show that they are all in it together as members of a global company with a global culture. In order to do that, they needed a language learning solution that was both effective and flexible enough to work with their team members’ varied schedules. Lingo Live’s one-on-one, online sessions with expert coaches fit that bill perfectly.

The Solution

Lingo Live partnered with Eventbrite to help people leaders understand their team needs, and we provided metrics to demonstrate that their team was engaged and making progress. Our solution gave them confidence that they can create bridges and find commonalities between their international team members that will help them relate better, get more work done and innovate together.

Pat Poels

Former CTO | Eventbrite

“Lingo Live has been the primary driver for people to gain confidence and advocate for their ideas. It has been crucial to our goal of attracting and retaining the best talent, allowing us to continue to expand across borders.”

Juan Pable Cerva Fris
HR Manager
Eventbrite Mendoza

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