Case Study

A communication solution for a global hyper-growth team

Find out how we empowered Twitter’s international teams to contribute fully in English and collaborate effectively across borders and offices.

Twitter Case Study

The Company

Twitter is a global platform for public self-expression and conversation in real time. From 2010 to 2014, Twitter experienced rapid global growth of both users and employees. Twitter grew from 350 to 3638 employees, opening offices in 20 countries around the world. The rapid growth into new markets created a new need for employees to be multilingual.


of surveyed team members were more likely to stay at their company because it offered Lingo Live coaching

The Challenge

Recruiting highly qualified candidates with near-native English at the rate of Twitter’s growth was impossible, so the company hired talent with a range of English proficiency. The communication gap limited inter-office collaboration, slowed productivity, and stymied career growth. Lingo Live offered a scalable way to help their new talent thrive and their offices to work better together.

“Since learning English I have been able to speak to my counterparts in other countries to learn their processes and implement them in our Brazil office. Now I compiled a guide in English to be shared globally across the other facility departments. I never could have done that before Lingo Live.”

Natalia Domingos
Facilities Coordinator

The Solution

Twitter team members connected with their Lingo Live coaches twice a week for 45-minute one-on-one videoconference sessions. This created a safe space for them to try new things and gain confidence in their language skills without having to worry about making mistakes in front of their co-workers.

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Lesson Satisfaction


Feel more confident at work

The Future

After a successful pilot for 22 team members in the Brazil office, Lingo Live coaches went on to work with 129 Tweeps across Latin America, Europe and Asia. Those learners reported feeling more confident on-the-job and better able to communicate effectively with their colleagues and clients around the world.

“I see this as a talent retention tool in Japan. English proficiency is becoming more critical for career advancement around the world and providing this learning opportunity supports our employee’s career growth and build’s loyalty.”

Yu Shimizu

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